Iowa First District Democrats

First in the state, second to none

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Registration Information

  • Registration Types
    • Individual Registrations
      • Registration for up to 10 individuals.
  • ADA Compliance
    • Each registration allows for the indication of the need for Accommodations.
    • The registration confirmation sent to the purchaser will provide links to forms capturing the details of these needs and a form to designate the assignment of any registered ADA companions
  • Registration Numbers
    • Each registration is assigned a unique identification number when the submit button is pressed.  That registration number will be requested when processing the payment portion of the registration and when filling out ADA forms.
  • Payment Options
    • Payment via PayPal using Credit/Debit cards.
    • Payment via Personal Check.
  • Registration Confirmation
    • The purchaser will receive a email containing the details of the registration.  If you do not receive the confirmation please check your spam or junk mail folders.  If you cannot find the registration confirmation please send a email to and include your name and registration number.
  • Registration Process
    • Click on the link below, fill out the registration form, make a note of your registration number and the amount, process payment using your preferred payment method.

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